Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cake, Chicken, Cupcakes and Carnivores

Valentine's Day is almost here and some friends and I have made a cake!
Yes there is a lot of pink and yes my hands are still tinged from the dye.
I really think we need to create a business or something.

So I finally got back into running today.  It feel so great :)  I feel like myself again.

 The boy and I made these chicken gyros last weekend.
Seriously delicious.  The chicken and tzatziki is really good in a salad as well.
I am currently obsessed with tzaziki! 

 Then I decided to try out vegan cupcakes.
I didn't use the frosting recipe provided but they were still amazing.
Seriously the best chocolate cake I have ever had.

The Boy and I tried out a new burger place this week, along with my brother and his girlfriend.
I pretty much had the ultimate meat burger, and I'm not even a big meat eater. But the doctor said my B12 is low so I was like "Hey I'm gonna eat the meatiest thing I can find!"
It was a hamburger patty topped with pulled pork, bacon and oh why not throw a tomato slice on there as well.
It was so filling I had Boyfriend eat a couple bites and I couldn't even finish my salad.

My week was rather fantastic and I hope yours was too!
Have a fabulous weekend :)
Happy Early Valentine's Day!

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