Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Library Day + 2

I didn't mean to get books, I swear.  I was actually dropping some books off and then just happened to wander over to the YA section and found five, thick, books that I've been dying to read.

"Getting the Girl" by Susan Juby
I don't normally read from a guy's perspective, so I was expecting to not like it. 
This kid, Sherman, is awesome.  He's like this nerdy little ninth grader but somehow becomes a" Mack Daddy".  I was expecting it to be a love story kind of book but then there was this whole "defiling" thing.  Read it.  It's excellent.

"Black Rabbit Summer" by Kevin Brooks.
I haven't started this one yet, busybusybusy.  But I am hoping to in the next few days.

"Faery Rebels" by R.J. Anderson.

"Daughters of the Sea: Girl in the Shadows" byKathryn Lasky.
So this is a trilogy I believe about three sisters who are mermaids and the books go on to tell their stories.
The first book is about Hannah.

"Going Bovine" by Libba Bray.
Holy crap, it's very possible I jumped for joy when I saw this was in.  Seriously.  I've been wanting to read it but I was being cheap and wouldn't buy it.  I should buy it.  I'm on chapter three and have already laughed out loud in the first few pages of chapter one.

I also know two books I get for Christmas :)  I got to pick them out.  I almost passed out when my Mom said pick some books.  I couldn't decide so I only picked two.  Overwhelming.

Other than that I have been up to nothing.  Except for being a girl and creating boy drama in my head that isn't really real.  Confused?
Too bad, I'm not going into it.
I am just being a lame girl and analyzing, thinking, swooning, boring stuff.


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

SO did you know I work in a bookstore. Did you know reading is my social life? Do you wanna know so popular young adult books?

* The Book Thief (I just bought I and love it so far!)

*Percy JAckson series. (loved the first one)

*The Hunger GAmes. (PLZ tell me you have already read this!)

*Marked, Well the whole House of Night series. ( I like em.)

* The Luxe (I really wanna read it so idk how it is!)

Side-note anything by Sarah Dessen in my book is banging!

S said...

I want to read The Book Thief.
I haven't got around to reading The Hunger Games yet, it's on my shelf though!
I always look at Luxe at the bookstore but I haven't read the summary yet.
I work at a bookstore as well and books are my friends :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

read The Hunger games stat so we can be frans!

ps i bought luxe today will let you know how i feel about it!