Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Mall Is Nuts

I haven't had my daily dose of Kellan in awhile, I figured it was time.  Not the most flattering photo but I love his grin.
Kind of a strange day, actually everyday has been for the past month.
Awkwardness with someone's twin yesterday because I almost said Hi, but then hello! it was the twin, who I don't know.
I bought M&Ms and guess what, they are Mint!!  I have a thing for mint flavoured things (Junior Mints, M&Ms, cookies, candy canes etc.)
It is beginning to snow and my inner child is coming out to play and wants to dance around the parking lots at the mall.  Except I'd be sure to get hit by all the nutso Christmas shoppers.
Yesterday I got glared at no less than three times by other people almost ramming their shopping cart into me.  Pay attention please, thankyou.
Shoppers should also keep an eye on their kids, that is if they want to keep them which I'm sure they probably do, because hello your kids have little legs and can't walk as fast as you or you're just not paying any attention to them at all.  Sure that sweater is nice and all but don't you think your kid is cuter?

I practically ran out of the mall when I got there because it was so busy, but then I got the courage to go back in, it was like I needed to catch my breath or just figure out how I was going to handle being surrounded by all these people.  Then I reminded myself, dude remember Comic Con?  There were tons more people.  Got it, I can do this.  Don't you love the conversations that go on in your head?  Or is that just me?

By the way being at the mall during the holidays is the perfect time to boy watch.  There were plently of good looking guys in stock yesterday.  I preferred the dude with the lip ring myself, but that's just me :)

Have a wonderful night/morning.  Geez it's almost midnight.

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