Friday, February 19, 2010


The sun has been out all week and that makes me happy.

Weekends don't mean much to me anymore since I started working them.
But this weekend I finally get half of it off and I'm excited.  Except that I never make plans to do anything on my days off.
This weekend is just the same, so I've decided to make plans with myself.
I have plenty of pleasing options:

1. Go shopping and buy myself something I love even if it is just a plain white t-shirt.

2. Paint my toe nails blue.

3. Make Eggie cookies.

4. Clean my room and decorate a bit better.

5. Watch a bunch of movies and lounge around in bed.

6. I am going to try to not log on to the computer at all tomorrow.  It's a goal.

7. Exercise every night starting tonight...actually last night but I'm making it a goal today.

8. I am also going to try not to think about boys, except Sunday that will be a little difficult..but it's still a goal and one that I need to accomplish big time.  At almost twenty two years old I still have the boy crazy mind of a fourteen year old girl.

And with that, enjoy your weekend :)


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

girl all i think about is boys and books. while thinking about books i am thinking about the boys in my books! ehhh!

S said...

Ag! Same here and then I go and compare the book boys to real life ones.
Why must they torture us?!