Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Year of Tea Parties

I would like to have a tea party.
Not that I actually will, but browsing pictures on the internet is an excellent way to pass time.  It seems as though this year is a Tea Party Year.
When I was in preschool my friends had tea parties for their birthdays at this cute tea room in town, we loved them.  I remember the trays of food, the little sandwiches...Le sigh, I need to have a tea party.

I've done this before!  It makes an excellent gift :)

And I just started reading "A Fanciful Twist"

I love her, she's so colorful!

All these goodies are making me hungry.

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Morgan said...

I don't ever think I've had a tea party in my whole life-which is truly sad. I need to live more! But I love the pictures you posted above.

And just to let you know, I passed on an award to you because I really like your blog.

Here is the link to the award I passed on: