Friday, March 5, 2010

Cupcake Mishap

Are you going to take a trip down the rabbit hole this weekend?
I sure am.

In atttempt to get into the Alice in Wonderland spirit tonight, I attempted to make cupcakes.

When I say attempt that usually means I A)Made a mess (inevitable) or B) Totally screwed up.

I make my cupcakes from the box, but do homemade icing. 
You think making cupcakes from a box would be easy, right?
Oh, we are so wrong.
Once I made them and then came out all deflated and wrinkled.  Weird, I thought.  Then I accidently dropped one on the floor, it completed flattened.  So I dropped another.
What did I do wrong?  I checked the box....
I had forgotten the eggs.

This time, my friends I remembered the eggs!
But, alas I forgot about the cupcakes completely while they were baking.  An hour in the oven for cupcakes is not a good thing.

You see those ugly green rock-like things?  Those were a beautiful bright Alice in Wonderland (Disney Cartoon) dress colored blue.


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