Friday, April 9, 2010

Music Please

I am in search of some good music and I am coming up empty handed....more like silence to my ears.
It's frustrating.
I generally listen to a little bit of everything [I hate saying.  Who listens to everything?] except country and rap (unless I'm being gangsta and hanging out with my brother, you know how we do.)
My ipod is seriously one of the messiest places in my life, but it works and it's the soundtrack to my life.

But lately I need more,
I need new,
I need change.

It's difficult.
So if you have any suggestions, I am completely open.
Just, you know, no country :)


Makay said...

ummmm. If I think of something I will let you know. Michael BUble is pretty good. :)

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jessfarquhar said...

I'm totally the same as you! I used to tell anyone who asked that I listen to a bit of everything minus rap and country.

It's a bit untrue now though since Taylor Swift came along (but I'm kind of going off her now) and Aeroplanes came out (love that song at the moment).

I love your blog btw.

S said...

Thank you :)