Thursday, April 15, 2010

Summer, Is That You?

Do you feel that?
Summer is coming.
At least here it is.

I can smell it in the morning.
That dewy smell but it's still cold these days so it burns your lungs a little bit.
I can feel it in the morning.
The sun coming through my window warming me up for the day ahead; when I step outside the sun beats down on me but the air is still nippy.

Later on I can smell fresh cut grass, dry cement and clean laundry.
I lay on the deck with my book in hand and ipod plugged in, listening to the perfect summer playlist.

I'm starting to wear shorts.
I've started mowing the lawn.
I'm starting to run again.
I'm drinking more slurpees.

The sun is out longer.
People are walking along the beach hand in hand.
The air is warm enough in the evening to just wear a sweater.

Yes, I know Summer is still two months, plus some days, away but I can't help but get excited.

I love the long, warm, summer nights the best.
That and driving with the windows down listening to an Epic Driving Playlist.

And the fact that I actually know people that I can do stuff with this summer for the first time in years, is pretty damn exciting.

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thankyou for reminding me. :)