Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fashion Habit

I have a habit.
Whenever I buy new clothes, it doesn't matter what it is, it could be just a hoody, I try it on with practically everything I own.
I bought a floral dress (finally) today from Urban Planet for $12.50. 
Yes, I said $12.50.
So of course, I had to make other outfits with it and I realized it doubles as a floral skirt :)
But you know no outfit is legit unless photos are taken with the timer and then edited to look all old and what-not.
Also, I finished 'The Hunger Games'.  It was an excellent read, I personally think there was too much hype surrounding it but definitely worth reading.  I've already started 'Catching Fire' and I'll be in time for 'Mockingjay'  which comes out next month.

Today I also found a fitted black lace skirt that I'm going back for and I'm this close to finding boots.  But I think I'm going to go ahead and splurge for those.  I want a boot with a heel, but I also like the ones with out...this is a dilemma.

Ah yes, the classic mirror picture.
I'm unsure about this outfit, I like it..but hmm.
A plain white tee, with a black cardigan, the floral dress and  the death heels.
I like that it's more covered up.

Tights?  Hmm.
And that's the dress in it's full glory..okay I had to pair it with my cardigan :)
Oh how my soul is aching for a pair of boots.
Do I want the pleather look? or a softer feel?
Wedge or heel?

I should really find a better place to take pictures than my bedroom door.
Sorry about the body board there, although it is my true love right now.


jessfarquhar said...

I love the dress as a skirt.

& Why are you so skinnnnny :( You're pretty. I must lose weight.

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

Love all of these outfits. like i love you!

Dana said...

I love doing that, too! It makes it easier to figure out what to wear with it later.

I'm having my first blog giveaway, please check it out!

JodieeHeartzYou said...

Lolz I do that really often too. Hehe. Because I'm vacationing at my uncle's house now, and he has a full body mirror on the back of the door in the room I sleep in. Let's just say I use it very often. ;) And I can't get the stupid mirror pic right!! Grrr! Everytime I take the pic in the mirror, I can't see anything because of the flash. I can't figure how to get it off. :/ Cool blog. I'm going to follow you. Feel free to follow me as well. :D

S said...

I'm glad to hear you guys do this too :)