Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Everybody Wants To Love

I've been trying to decide if I believe in this thing they call love.
People talk about love, they say "I love you".  I say "love you" to my parents before I go to bed and I say "I love you" to my brothers after poking fun at them.
But I don't know.
Some people believe in 'love at first sight', others believe you learn to love someone.
I don't know what I believe.
Maybe I'll just know, but I don't see myself ever saying I love you to anyone.
IF I ever do...No, I don't think I will.

What sparked this is a few things:
1. My Mom asking what I like about my boyfriend
2. My brother and his girlfriend having been together less than a year and already moved in together
3. Him asking my Mom if she'd go to their wedding
4. Two eighteen year olds that I hung out with on the weekend saying "I love you" to each other.
5. Everybody by Ingrid Michaelson (This song has been stuck in my head lately!)
Sorry, my thoughts keep trailing off because I don't really know what to think of this whole love business.
Am I in love?  No I am not.

Agh, my brain is boggled.
In other news, I bought some boots (that I love, my mom loves and ditto on the boy front) and I'm trying to figure out what to wear them with when falls comes.  Skinny jeans of course. I'd like to try a skirt but I'm afraid it won't look right..
I'll ask my Mom, she's a smart lady.

Whoa.  When did I receive thirty two followers?
I knew there was a handful of you guys.  Wow, really? I find this amusing :)
Thank you!


Kaleena J. said...

Cute boots! You know, i've been having similar thoughts.

jessfarquhar said...

Firstly: freaking cute boots! I want me some.

Secondly: You should never feel pressured to say 'I love you' until you have no doubts about it. I think it's just one of those things that you know what it is when YOU feel it. People can't accurately describe what it's like to you.

Elleira said...

i love the boots!
and nice tights too :)

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

girl rock those boots with a skirt! (when in doubt skinny jeans)

Chelsea said...

I don't know if this is connected in any way, shape, or form,
But I find it creepy that I just sent an e-mail to you rambling about love,
And this happened to be your latest blog.
I'm pretty sure I rambled after you posted this.
Maybe not.
I'm terrible with time lines.

I think the skirt looks good with the boots.
I approve.

S said...

Thanks for approving of my boots/skirt :)
Come Autumn, I'll be ready to go!

a cat named cat said...

Hey, I just found this blog today and it's really cool :)
Hmm, love is a tricky thing, I don't really know if it exists to be honest but im sure when you do fall in love you know about it - if that makes sense lol. Super cute boots and the skirt looks good with them.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love the tights :) &the boots!

mel said...

its a confusing thing, and i still dont kow what i believe wither... but i really love your boots! have a fab weekend lovely:)


Kate said...

Love is interesting. I definitely believe in learning to love another person. My boyfriend and I did not like each other when we first met, and we were just casual friends for about two years before something changed and we realized we were both kinda into each other. I don't remember a specific event that made me realize I loved him, but at some point in time, I just knew. Don't feel any pressure to fall in love, just know that if it's meant to happen it will :)

n a t a l i e said...

lovelovelove the boots/purple tights. and the boots by themselves.

Love...I suppose it's a relative term. You think you love somebody, and then they leave you and you find yourself cursing their name and hating their guts. You think you'll never love someone and then you realize one day how much you did love them.

Or, you can go your way, and be perfectly content with almost-but-not-quite-love.
I think it really depends upon the person.
But this blog made me think (and it reminded me of my love for Ingrid Michaelson), so thank you :)

S said...

I've been thinking about 'love' again this morning. Blame the boy, he used the word.
He said it casually but he still said it.
I almost said it, but then I thought about it and couldn't spout the words. It just needs to be blurted out. That's how I work, something I'm nervous about I blurt it out. Always.