Saturday, August 7, 2010

A New Person, The Next Step & An Engagement

Things are happening quick around here lately.

1. Our family will have a new member added to it.  At least in time she will become family.  My brother's friend will be moving in with us due to a bad situation at home.  It's not a please let my girlfriend move in thing, she's his friend's girlfriend.  I'd say they're best friends, so it's nice that my brother offered to let her stay here, with my parents permission of course.  I think this will be good for my mom.  She had talked to my boyfriend one day and he told me it sounds like she's lonely.  So having this girl move in should help ease the loneliness when I decide to move out.  We should get along alright, or at least put up with each other.  She's four years younger than I am.  It might be like having a little sister, I'm not sure....

2. The boy and I.  Things have been heating up for the last month and we're going to take another step soon.  He thinks we've been dating longer than two months.  I'll admit it here and only here, May 23rd was the first kiss.  So close to two and a half months.
Conversation went a little bit deeper last night, it rarely does.  Usually it's just future talk, but last night it was about religion and the things his Dad believes in.  And I realized my boy is smart.  He just retains so much information, it's insane.  I love nerdy boys :)  Ah yes "love".  He ended up sleeping over, on the couch don't worry.  And this morning I did not want to get up, at all so I did what I do best.  I whined.
"Why are you making me get up?"
"Because I love you," he said "...And I need a ride home."
I had a friend, you know who you are, tell me that he's probably testing the water.
Which I can totally see him doing.
True I thought about saying it back, but that was my problem: I thought about it.
But I didn't tense up as much as I usually do when he throws that word around.
I just let the conversation keep going.
How can a word make me freak out like that!

3. My brother announced to me this afternoon that he is proposing in October, at least as long as he talks to my Mom.
I want to be happy for him, I do.
But I can't be when they're careless with sex, when they both have part-time jobs, when he is so young and only had one girlfriend (her).
I can't be happy because she doesn't like to come over to our house, she doesn't know us, she refuses our invites to dinner. 
I just think that your partner should want to get to know your family and be around them. 
They shouldn't hold you back from them.
If I tell you that I rarely go to The Boy's house, I sound hypocritical.
But I want to go to his house, I want to know his family.
It bugs me that I haven't met his brother.
I've met his parents, true it wasn't a formal introduction and they all use the nickname he came up with for me (I don't even know if they know my real name).
Eventually I'll go over there more.  It seems like he always over here and he knows my family and can talk to them easily, sometimes too much but that's okay.
I've exchanged only a few words with his parents, I like them but I'd like to know them better.
True it's only been a couple of months, but the parents thing doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
It's how you get to know someone.
If we're still together around Christmas, I expect that we'll be going to and from each other's houses easily.  At least that's what I hope.

This turned into a I want to know the family better post.
But there you have it, the top three things going on in my life at the moment.

I'll leave you with this image of my boots...on my brother's feet.


Adrian said...

1.That's so cool that your parents are letting your brothers friend stay with yall.
2.At least he isn't put off by you not saying the word back and that you didn't freak out. Good job.
3.At least you want to put in the effort to see his family more. And it's really cool and sweet that he is really close to your family.

Kaleena J. said...

Haha.. silly brother.

a cat named cat said...

It's good your parents are letting your bro's friend stay, it might be good for her by the sounds of things :) And Im surprised you kept your cool with the L word after your last post but im glad you did! And loving the picture lol

Shylah Santiago said...

Ever since I was a kid we've had people living with us. It seems like now I'm the one who attracts friends who have horrible home situations. My ex boyfriend, and two of my good, good friends are piled high in the downstairs room together. All boys, but my parents seem to trust us even though they have three daughters.

I really do hope the best for you. Stay in touch! <3

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

awww sweet girl i am so happy for you! it took me a year to start hanging out with the guy i dated forevers family! eak! also i know what its like to worry about the brother. :( sometimes we have to let the ppl we love make their own mistakes. sad i know... i am happy to read your blog little miss!