Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Wednesday List

1. Shower
2. Make a blueberry smoothie to get me through the day
3. Go shopping for Fall clothes (optional)

4. Fill up my car
5. Wash my unbelievably dirty, white car.
6. Tidy and vacuum my room.  [I wish my room looked like that :) When I eventually move out, it will.]

[I love this picture.]
7. Finish reading "The Hunger Games"

8. Clean the bathroom
9. Work out, re-introduce cardio


Adrian said...

I love the Hunger Games! It's one of my favorites!

Kaleena J. said...

My to-do list is oddly similar! Must. Clean. My. Room.

Taylor said...

I love to-do's the only way I get things done. Nice list for today!

S said...

I'd say I finished about half of my list today :) I feel satisfied for once. And The Hunger Games had more romance than I was expecting but definitely an excellent read, onto Catching Fire!