Monday, October 25, 2010

When I Grow Up

Sometimes I like to think about what it will be like when I move away from home.
I like to think about how I will decorate my room with white twinkling lights.
The kitchen will be bright and organized.

The living room will be cozy, warm and inviting.
The front yard will have trees that change color all year long, not like the horse from Wizard of OZ, but it changes with the seasons.

I will bake once a week.
I won't buy chips or chocolate bars.
I'll buy more fresh fruit and vegetables.
I'll make meals at home instead of eating out.
I'll try new recipes.
I will make sure to invite my family over for dinner, I will have my Mom over for tea and homemade cupcakes/cookies.

I will own a red couch.
The bathroom will always be clean.
My space will smell like lavender and vanilla, courtesy of Glade.
I will have a special spot by a window where I like to read.
My Xbox will be set up in the living room, where the boy and I will have friendly competitions.

If there happens to be a certain boy around we will dedicate one day a month to laying in bed and lazying around all day.  Baked goods will be included in this.
We will make forts.
On rainy days I will stand out on the deck until I am soaked.

Stormy days will include a fire (if possible), movie marathons, tea, blankets, and cuddling.

It's fun to imagine...


Laura Wynn said...

Wow, this sounds wonderful. The perfect life, that's for sure!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I guess I am "grown up" and I still like to imagine! haha :) cute blog!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

i love this!

Kate said...

Sounds like perfection :) I love dreaming about my future.