Sunday, November 28, 2010

All Tangled Up!

I wish it would snow again.
I am optimistic that it will this week.

For future reference so no one sends out a missing persons report:
When I'm absent from my blog usually it means the boy is visiting or I am visiting him.
He visited me :)
It was a short visit but of course that doesn't matter just as long as we get to be together.

We decided not to be homebodies so much this time and went over to a friend's house to watch a movie.
I may have had a cat nap, and the boy may have scared me when he woke me up and I may have jumped ten feet in the air.
Yes, I was tired.
This will be a napping kind o f week, so I probably won't be blogging as much.
My work hours were increased, it's good for Christmas I suppose.  But it means less time with my family and less time to visit the boy.

Saturday we braved the mall.
It was absolutely bonkers in there.
I'm a bit terrified to shop in the city in a couple weeks, but definitely excited.
I get that bubbly feeling when I walk into a mall at Christmas.  The decorations, the music..the crabby shoppers who I ignore, Santa Clause etc.

All you Disney children! Please tell me you will see this movie!
I don't know if was because it was an excellent fairytale or the kids laughter throughout the theater, or if it was every time Max, the horse, came on screen the women behind me would laugh like a horse but I fell in love with this film :)
Good night and have a pleasant week.


Laura Wynn said...

I really want to see Tangled. It looks awesome! and how fun to see your boy :) Take some naps for me when you get the chance, mkay? Thanks!

Adrian said...

I want to see Tangled so bad! It looks amazing!!

vintch said...

your week sounds fabulous! i'm a new follower and wanted to say hi! enjoy that special time with your boy:) your life sounds anything but boring:)

Marisa said...

Haha, I did a blog on this movie too!
I saw it on Friday, and I loved it.
Isn't it one of the cutest movies ever?
I thought it was such a creative take on the story.
Someone being me had the most interesting laugh as well...
And I love Mandy Moore :)

Kaleena J. said...

you are back!! I came to your blog everyday and was like, 'where is she??' haha

um... I just realized how much of a stalker I sounded like. I guess that just shows how much of a kick ass blog you have. :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Oh this movie looks so awesome. I definitely want to see it. I'm a sucker for a good Disney movie.