Wednesday, January 5, 2011

12 Questions

What's it actually like when you move away from home?
Are you scrounging for money for rent and groceries?
If you're living with someone do you fight a lot?

If you're living with a boy, how long did you wait to move in together?
How far in advance did you start looking for a place?

What did you look for in an apartment/house/basement suite?
Do you cook real food a lot? (Kraft Dinner and Alphaghetti not included)

How did you tell your parent(s) that you wanted to move out?
Did you take all of your possessions with you?

Did you ever move back home for awhile and then move out again?
Did you have a job set up, if you moved to a different city?
What do you miss about home?

I'm not asking anyone to answer all of them...but if you could, answer some?
I plan on asking my brother these as well.

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