Monday, January 3, 2011

Feeling A Bit Guilty

I'm feeling a bit guilty as I write this, that and anxious but I'll get to that near the end.

Happy January 3rd 2011!!

Sorry, I'm late.
New Year's Eve was good, for once.
You see, I had a New Year's Curse....well more like a Holiday Curse.
But it seems to have diminished.

New Year's Eve consisted of:
-lots of pizza
-eating too many chips before the pizza therefore I wasn't hungry any more
-hi-lighter tattoos
-noise makers, which at some point I hid in the bathroom drawer
-my first New Year's Eve kiss...with a boy (I used to kiss my Grandma on her cheek every year because we'd spend it together watching movies.)
-going to sleep around 2 am
-people singing "I'm on a boat"

Yeah, that would be it.

New Year's Day consisted of riding a bus and then missing my last ride home.
Fortunately for me my Uncle lives in town and so we went for coffee and had a wonderful conversation.
It was a motivating conversation, he probably didn't mean for it to be that way but in the end it was how I felt.

The atmosphere in The City is so different from Boring Town (which is where I live at the moment).
I went to meet The Boy after work and I had my music going, "Us" by Regina Spektor and I was running up some stairs to catch my train and the music fit and I felt like I was in a movie and it was great :)
That's how The City always makes me feel, like I'm in a movie.
I love that feeling.

I watched '500 Days of Summer' today, one of my favourite movies, and I realized I've changed so much.
I used to have Summer's exact outlook on "love", that it is a fantasy.
I related my life to that movie so much about a year ago now.
I was determined that this thing with The Boy wouldn't come of anything, I was determined I would never say the word "love" to someone and mean it.
Then one day I said it and I felt it and I meant it.
Everything has changed.
For the better of course.
Ah teary eyes.
I'm so tempted to write a "How I've Changed" post now, but I think I'll save that for my journal...when I buy a new one that is.

Another reason I'm thinking all these things is I had dinner with The Boy and his family.
It went well :)
Family banter, you gotta love it.
Ahh I hate to say it, but the boy got cheesy on me the other day now it's my makes you think one day these people could be my family.

There I said it and it's true.

New Year's Resolutions:

Honestly, I never make any.
My reason is legitimate I promise, I'll never follow through with them in that time period.
A year? A whole year for a goal(s)? That's just too long.
I make weekly, sometimes monthly goals and I complete them...with the exception of the weekly goal of cleaning my room.
But I do have a rather large goal this year: to move to The City.
It was supposed to be in 4 to 5 months, but I'm thinking the better idea would be to move in August.
The kids would be home from college for the summer, why bother paying rent if you're at home all the time?

I think this post has gone on long enough.
I hope everyone is safe and healthy (I have cold!)

If you haven't already, go see "Tangled"! I saw it again, in 3D this time.  Love.

A few pictures from the journey from The City.

Confession: I feel guilty that I haven't read any blogs in awhile.  I miss you guys and your interesting lives.
Confession: I feel guilty I forgot to call a friend today to hang out and I haven't seen her in months :(
Confession: I feel guilty that I called in sick to work, even though I am actually sick.  How does my brain even work?

Have a guilt-free week!


Kaleena J. said...


I used to be like Summer my entire life. Especially in high school and after I graduated. I didn't want anything to do with dating and if I did date I didn't want it to be serious or complicated. I don't know when it happened, but now I'm more (exactly) like Tom.

P.s. Want to know something freaky? I listed to the 500 days of summer soundtrack today! Weird.

Chelsea said...

The comment about his family made me sooo happy! I've been reading your blogs from the start and wow, it's been a journey. Even I can tell a difference in the tone of your blogs. You still do relate to Summer, you found the person who made you change your views on love. By the way, I love love love that movie.

Laura Wynn said...

Hey You!
Oh my lanta, feeling like you're in a movie is the GREATEST feeling ever! I actually had a moment like that it. and so glad being with the boys family was fun :) *tear* aw, love.

GorJess said...

yay! glad you're back.
I'm going to see Tangled this weekend :)

S said...

Whoa that is weird that you listened to that! It's probably my favourite soundtrack :)

You guys are great? Have I mentioned that?
Thanks for making me teary eyed lol
Haha I'm such a sap now.