Monday, January 31, 2011

What Is Love? (8)

I am so utterly confused.
How can people wake up after almost 4 years and decide they don't love someone anymore?
How does that even happen?
I understand that people's feelings can change, but you'd think they would change in the beginning not 4 years later.
Yes, I recently heard my friend and her ex-boy broke up.
My mind is boggled.
I never saw how they were together really, but when a couple starts talking about marriage and moves in together........and then one day it's just over.

Sometimes I think that humans aren't supposed to be just one person, but then I realize how would that work? We have feelings.  Can you imagine sharing your loved one with other men/women?
I'm not an insane jealous person, but I'm human, I get jealous.

Conclusion: I am so very confused, more so than before.
I'll be back once I've had more time to think.

P.S. The Boy is back :)
I have mixed feelings about this, but most of them are good.


Amy said...

Sounds like you just need to take a warm bath and just breathe. It's normal to be confused by people and the way they carry out things. The first part sound like my boyfriend and I can totally see how it can make you think.

Chelsea said...

It doesnt just happen in one day. It was probably headed toward disaster for a long time.

Laura Wynn said...

Yep, I agree with Chelsea. It's not a 'wake up and it's over' type deal. It's slow, steady, and down hill. Well, sometimes. Everyone is different :)
ps, loving that distance picture. Made my heart weep and laugh all at once!
pps-if you could pick ONE of the books from the list below to say I HAD to read, which would it be?

jessfarquhar said...

This idea has totally freaked me out since my boyfriend and I became really, really serious with each other.
Everything seems so perfect now but what's to say we won't lose feelings for each other in 7 years time? It's impossible for me to imagine now but with it happening all around me it's something to consider.

GorJess said...

Yeah, it doesn't just happen it's definitely a progression. Sometimes people stay just cause it's been so long and they've gotten comfortable in a routine. If it is truly meant to be, it won't matter how long or short its been, everything will work out.