Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Me:Expiration Date:March 7th 2011

I got spoiled.
Get it?
Sorry, that was terrible.
Yummy Coldstone cupcake.
Oh, wait. What's that hiding behind it?

My parents put this in my lap (wrapped) and said "Guess".
Do you know that these things way about a million pounds?
What did I end up guessing? Oh yeah a baby. "One baby?"
"Okay, 3 babies!"

Credit is due to a man at work for making them for me :)
He also made a cake.
Story time.
I was with one of the guys I work with and he gets a call on his phone.
"Go clean the lunch room," he says.
"I already did"
"I dunno maybe someone spilled something."
"Grrrr," that's my angry voice.
I begin walking up there and then I realized what was going on, especially after I saw someone's head poke out the window to look down at the store.
"Happy Birthday!" the total of 4 people shouted.
My face went beet red.
There was the cake :)

My friends also brought flowers to work for me, more like chased me down.
Audrey Hepburn photo, Turtles (I was craving them a couple weeks ago) and a 'Tangled' coloring book.

My friends took me out for dinner last night where we spent 4 hours trying to figure out a brain teaser. and then finally I spent an hour with the boy.
One of the best birthdays I've ever had.
I got to be with everyone I care about, how can that not be wonderful?

Here's the mixer in all it's glory.
I just made a cake with it.


Chelsea said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear S! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Taylor said...

Wow! What a fantastic gift! Imagine all of the cakes and baking you can do with this lovely appliance :) I think I want a turquoise one for my future home someday.

Congrats!! And happy birthday :)

Adrian said...

Happy birthday! Glad it was a good one! I love the mixer! I want one so badly!

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!!! Sounds so awesome! (PS-this is Laura from a pretty plethora..my dads comp won't let me sign on:( But. HAPPY BIRTHDAY from me!! :)

GorJess said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good one! :)