Saturday, March 19, 2011

What Is Love? (9)

The last time I did a 'Love' post the boy was moving back.
This makes me smile.
Does that mean I've been so swept up in 'love' that I've been neglecting my studies of it?
The word 'love' still is lacking somewhat in my vocabulary, but I let it slip every now and then, when I feel it.

Sometimes.  In a moment.
It could be a weird moment, like when I licked his cheek last week to get him to stop tickling me.
My brain thinks that strange 'L' word, then my heart starts to beat faster and my chest starts to ache and then I get all quiet until it happens, I say those three little words.  I. Love. You.

Love is agreeing to chop onions so your loved one doesn't have to do the crying.
In the end she does anyways, because all the windows are closed and onion smell fills the kitchen.
Love is cooking together in peace.
Love is sitting in a coffee shop together, sharing a piece of carrot cake, while one reads and the other sketches.

Love is saying what you're thinking about instead of holding back.
Love is laughing hysterically at this video....four times.

Love is napping by the other ones side while they're reading, just to be with them.
Love is staying up until 3am discussing names.

P.S. Prepare for a food post soon :) I've been using the mixer a whole lot.  It's part of my family now.


Anonymous said...

Hehe your posts about love never fail to put a smile on my face :)
Great to hear everything is going well!

xx Cindy

Kate said...

This post is really cute :) And looking forward to the food post, ha.

Taylor said...

so excited for the mixer/food post! and i do love your definitions of love. they are so true and adorable in your own way.

Sophie P said...

How gorgeous. I love everyone's different take on Love. Cute XXX

Laura Wynn said...

S! I miss you! I feel like we never talk anymore!
bwaha. Ps-I'm excited for this foody post. Nom.
Pps-giveaway over at my blog!

Adrian said...

I love that video! It gets me everytime haha