Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hi, I Am 1/4 Ukrainian

I wish I owned something pastel colored.
I like dressing up for holidays and special events and such.
I used to dress up for Easter when I was little.
But that's only because I would get a dress with skorts thing with my chocolate.
I'm desperately trying to find a picture of it, it's like a dress with shorts attached and the shorts have a lace trim I believe.  I guess they'd be leggings, huh?
Anyways, I would wear that for Easter.
I think I may have hated them at one point when I was in my tom boy phase that has lasted....it still exists.

Like this I suppose only the leggings are shorter, the dress is frillier and floral.
Leggings, lace and floral?  Turns out I was a trend setter when I was 7.
Now we just need to bring back that side pony that sits at the front of your head. You know what I'm talking about. ;)

So yes, Easter.
It seems to be a big event for us this year.
My mom and I made a list of food we're making, I'm making 2 desserts (carrot cake (for the first time!) and lemon meringue pie with sky high (hopefully) meringue)
We're also dying eggs and designing? them I guess.

You see, my Grandma is Ukrainian and we used to do the eggs when we were younger so this is the first time in years and I'm quite excited!
I'll post pictures of my masterpieces or disasters.
One year one of my brothers kept leaning over the candles too close and burned some of his hair off.
He was fine, it was just smelly.

Ah I just learned the eggs are called pysanky.

My To-Do List:

-keep on exercising and eating healthy!
-go on a hike with family
-vacuum my bedroom (I haven't done this in months!)
-put together an Easter outfit
-see African Wildcats when it comes out

That's all :)
Have a lovely rest of the week!


Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

you better make me a pretty egg!

Bee Sarah Lee Bailey said...

you better make me a pretty egg!