Sunday, May 1, 2011

1 Day Weekend

 I had a bad case of the blahs last week.
I despise the blahs.
Thankfully something has cured it, but I will get to that in moment.

I was banned from baking this past week.
Apparently I baked too much for Easter and there were too many leftovers.  Oops!
I should've shared with you Reader.

I have a new favorite sport.
Watching it gives me that tingly feeling while watching a great movie.
I shouldn't be surprised, considering I saw a movie about this sport a couple years ago and I got the tingly feeling watching it.
Roller Derby!

Our weather is finally changing from rain!!

 How was your weekend?

1 comment:

Kaleena J. said...

aaaw, you should never be banned from baking!!

and i hope your case of the blahs go away and never come back!