Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey It's Me, I'm Still Alive

I bought myself a Christmas present...this red coat from Le Chateau.
I'm bad, but coat makes me super happy every time I put it on :)

I'm supposed to be buying gifts for other people!
I did this last year!
Last year I came home with a $60 bikini.  I have never spent that much on a bathing suit, ever.
----break to look at my Christmas posts last year-----

They make me so happy, even though I was so stressed.
This year I'm a bit stressed about a)Spending abajillion dollars on a new car
b)Dad goes back in for surgery
c)It's already December 5th and the year is almost over
d)I need to get my stuff together so I can apply for school

How much Christmas shopping/baking/decorating etc do you have left to do?
I've bought a total of 2 gifts but I've done a lot of baking!

Have a lovely week! I'm off to save the world!

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Laura Wynn said...

I have almost zero baking done, and zero gifting. Oi! I'm in trouble. ;p
actually, lots of baking and crafting to be done tomorrow. I've got time. No buying things (can we say dirt poor!) ..which makes it... easier!
I wanna see some stuff you've baked!