Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Day Dedicated To Love

It's that day.  The Day Of Love, or so they say.
Have you done anything special?
So I have a couple of jobs, one where I work in a grocery store.  I was entertained this weekend by all the men coming in to buy last minute Valentine's Day gifts.  Is it odd that I noticed the majority of them had to be over the age of 40?
I saw a guy carrying a giant heart pillow and all I could think was "Why is your dear one going to want that?"
Ag! I was just reminded of someone I know who spent fifty bucks on a life size teddy bear.  Why?  What is she going to do with that?
If you need to buy a gift, flowers or chocolate will do..don't go out and buy a life size bear. Unless they want it, I guess.

I'm not going to go "I hate Valentine's Day" on you, because I don't.  But why does Valentine's Day need to be about gifts?
Not everyone buys gifts, I know this, but most do. 
Why can't two people, or your family or friends go out and do something together?  It doesn't have to be anything overly romantic or special.  Even if it's just dinner for two at McDonald's.  Just spend time together.
Just sayin'
Especially after the frenzy I witnessed today.

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Morgan said...

Lol, I totally agree with the whole gift thing but who doesn't like gifts? My dad always says that Valentines Day is just another excuse to spend money-which is true but still.

I laughed when you talked about the guy with the heart pillow and life size teddy bear-I know I wouldn't want that!

Hope you had a great Valentines Day!